One of the main challenges facing IT teams in the construction industry is the connection of multiple sites and the protection of the data across those sites. COOLSPIRiT can work with construction companies to deliver technologies to improve business intelligence, linking to (BIM) Business Intelligence Modelling. The aim of the model is to bring together all of the information about every component of a building, in one place, and the management of this data is an important consideration. Other key aspects that affect the construction industry in particular include questions around network and connectivity, for example taking advantage of wireless technologies rather than incurring the huge financial implications of implementing a wired solution per site.

“COOLSPIRiT’s experience meant they were able to clearly explain the solution’s functionality, its benefits to us as a business and how it compared to other similar products. To add more capacity to our old system would have cost us a third of our overall investment without any of the benefits, the COOLSPIRiT solution delivers much better value for money.”
Senior IT Infrastructure Analyst | BAM Construct UK
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The Department of Health publishes guidelines for managing health records, covering many types of record and specifying the minimum required retention periods, whether they be paper records, electronic records, images such as X-rays and slides or sound records such as audio files. NHS organisations have to conform to these guidelines, with some records needing to be stored until 10 years after a patient's death; resulting in data that needs to be stored, managed and accessible for decades. Along with our network of partners, COOLSPIRiT covers all NHS frameworks and provides best of breed solutions tailored to the particular needs of NHS organisations. As well as optimising the IT infrastructure, COOLSPIRiT are working with a number of NHS Trusts and CSUs helping them in their quest to merge. COOLSPIRiT is also focused on improving efficiency and saving money in the long-term retention of such important data.

"We’ve always been impressed with the people that COOLSPIRiT have put in front of us to talk to us about whichever solution it happens to be; storage, network or software."
IT Manager | Milton Keynes NHS Foundation Trust
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Housing Associations are independent, not-for-profit social businesses set up to provide affordable homes for people in housing need. As a result, they are required, year after year, to do more with less. Since the recent budget, the associations are under significant strain with the commitment to reduce rents over the next four years. This poses key challenges when it comes to ensuring that all processes are streamlined and IT teams will be required to work as efficiently as possible. COOLSPIRiT have experience in delivering cost-effective and economical solutions whilst ensuring that the protection and preservation of important data is not compromised.

"COOLSPIRiT understand our business and needs, providing technical expertise and straightforward account management. Now in our second year of working together we have started to draw on other expertise from COOLSPIRiT and look forward to a continued strong relationship."
Infrastructure Project Manager | Affinity Sutton
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Councils are under intense scrutiny over the handling of sensitive data, and must maintain rigor in their approach to technology, methods and standards when dealing with data security. However, with fewer staff and reduced budgets, councils need to prioritise the things that matter to residents. As a result, they are doing all they can to protect front-line services that end users depend on. This includes considering new ways of providing services, smarter ways of working and joint working with other councils. COOLSPIRiT can work with councils in order to ensure better use of IT assets so they can deliver these vital services at a lower cost and much more efficiently.

"COOLSPIRiT are always my first port of call whenever our perpetually evolving data storage requirements come up for review. They are always on hand to share the latest thinking and their impartial wisdom in this field can always be relied up on to help one come to the right decision."
Technical Operations Manager | Mid Kent IT Services / Maidstone Council
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Universities are faced with significant challenges when it comes to the storage and protection of the enormous amount of data they need to manage. Research departments, for example, are required to follow the mandate for data storage and protection set out by the ESPRC. Such departments should have specific policies and associated processes to maintain effective internal awareness of their publicly-funded research data holdings and of requests by third parties to access such data. Appropriately structured metadata describing the research data they hold should be published normally within 12 months of the data being generated. The data should also be securely preserved for a minimum of 10 years from the date it was last accessed as well as made freely accessible on the internet. We work with IT departments in order that they can achieve these service levels in the most cost-effective and efficient way; ensuring that they can continue receiving grants for their research.

"The engineer was an absolute example of professionalism, in terms of attitude, conduct and skillset. Every question we asked was answered in a confident, concise and knowledgeable manner which in itself gave us certainty in the upgrade process as a whole."
DCS Team Leader | University of Huddersfield
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There are a significant number of regulations in effect that relate to the protection of private and sensitive data. Regulations are becoming stricter every day, and fines for data security breaches are growing in parallel, to the extent that a major incident could put a smaller company out of business and have huge implications, both financial and in terms of reputation, for larger institutions. In addition to imposing financial penalties, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) can also use its powers to impose further restrictions, so it is more important than ever for businesses in financial services to remain compliant. COOLSPIRiT has experience in working with some of the major UK financial institutions to deliver solutions largely concerned with the protection of private data at rest, during transactions, and while it traverses network connections. Encryption can be employed to satisfy these protection requirements and the right data management solution can ensure successful long-term retention of data.

"As a business we would like to thank you for your due diligence and professional approach, COOLSPIRiT is a pleasure to work with."
Head of Data Centre and Deployment | VTB Capital Plc
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The Oil and Gas industry is an important backbone of every economy. It is also an industry that has weathered the storm of constantly changing economic trends, regulations and technological innovations. The oil and gas industry has high expectations that this year's Budget will deliver substantial tax cuts and Ministers have made it clear reducing the tax bill to encourage further investment is a high priority. As a result it's important to get the most out of technology investments. COOLSPIRiT can help Oil and Gas companies create value when it comes to data storage, performance and operational efficiency by cutting the material cost, IT maintenance and increase margins.

"Our existing system was on the verge of being outgrown and was starting to show signs of aging, so we asked COOLSPIRiT to provide a new primary storage system. The solution has provided the flexibility we needed to support our ever-growing storage requirements and we know that as our business needs change, the system COOLSPIRiT implemented will adapt to our needs."
IT Manager | International Oil and Gas Service Company
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The sheer quantity of data that media companies need to store can often make the management of it expensive and complex. COOLSPIRiT are experienced at delivering solutions that are best designed for these types of scenarios and are aware of the challenges faced by the media industry in particular. Cheap but accessible solutions and active archiving are both key considerations that can make the preservation of data and the ability to access it as required a much less daunting task.

"Thanks to the solution COOLSPIRiT delivered we now have greater flexibility in accessing content, along with the performance and efficiencies we need to consistently deliver the highest-quality results at competitive prices."
Head of Technical Services | Deluxe Media Acton
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COOLSPIRiT understand that manufacturers must embrace technological advances to improve plant productivity, helping compete against rivals and maintain a consistent advantage with their customers. The next big shift in the manufacturing industry is here, automation, robotics, 3D printing and smart machines are transforming the manufacturing landscape. It is not just about quality and numbers, but also about adapting to the digital age of technology and information. It is now necessary to be in sync with customer’s requirements, as you can no longer expect them to just consume what you manufacture. COOLSPIRiT are experienced in helping manufactures deliver cutting edge, cost-effective and flexible solutions which ensure that the delivery, protection and preservation of critical information is easily managed and always available constantly inline with the ever changing customer requirement landscape.

"We have worked very closely with COOLSPIRiT over the past 12 months on multiple projects; ranging from the supply of consumables, to consultancy work, to the design and proposal of a new multi-site wireless solution. The team is extremely professional in their approach and is always open and honest regarding cost. They take the time to truly understand the businesses requirements and always find a solution that fits."
Senior Systems Administrator | Ricoh UK Products Ltd
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In todays modern world retailers require the ability to respond to a rapidly changing marketplace through enhanced flexibility and speed, aggregating and analysing customer data to enhance differentiation to their competitors. Retailers drive for greater transparency between systems and robust process procedures which deliver integration of all their systems from procurement and manufacturer through to the consumer, with the target of obtaining in-depth customer and sales information. Information overload is a challenge for retailers because they need to collect and sift through this data to convert it into useful information in a customer-centric industry, helping them take increasing market share in an ever competitive market. COOLSPIRiT help retail organisations deliver modern IT solutions for these non-stop demanding requirements, ensuring your life blood data is highly available and protected as expected, while meeting the secure risk and compliance requirements that’s are associated to standards such as PCI-DSS.

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