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Proactive Data Protection Can Fill the Endpoint Security Gap

Written on: Mar 2, 2023 1:15:00 PM

Written by: Elizabeth Reed


[Cyber Security]

Cybercriminals have profiteered from theft, corruption, denial and deletion of business data. Despite employing new and sophisticated cyber tactics, endpoints frequently appear as the initial root of cyberattacks. Investing in endpoint security solutions and perimeter defence systems may help to combat the problem but unfortunately, it cannot completely prevent bad actors from breaking in.

The constantly changing networks and digital workspaces, inconsistencies in asset and data management and human error are associated with endpoint breaches. These risk factors can be mitigated with proactive data protection that starts with the very thing that attackers are targeting – data.

Endpoint Security Solutions

Endpoint security encompasses everything from data loss prevention, antivirus, application control, firewalls, intrusion prevention systems and endpoint detection and response. Endpoint security solutions that track suspicious activity and shut down the session to prevent any further activity appear as standard in security protocols to prevent endpoint compromise.

Bypassing conventional defences

Endpoint security solutions defend against compromise from the perimeter inwards. If there is a weakness in this line of defence, threat actors have an entrance to attack unprotected assets across the network. Implementing multiple layers of data protection around mission-critical assets effectively mitigates this risk. Gartner coined the term “defence in depth” to discuss the importance of improving the overall security strategy and hardening to enhance endpoint safety.

Defence in depth with an early warning system

By delivering an early warning for breaches, Metallic ThreatWise provides a strategic advantage for data protection and data security. Threat sensors placed along the path of data redirect malicious activity to a decoy of your environment while sending out high-fidelity alerts to keep mission-critical assets secure. This serves as an additional layer of protection to proactively safeguard your data alongside your existing endpoint security solutions.

Changing the data protection game

Metallic ThreatWise transforms data protection from being reactive to proactive with next-generation deception. Sensors bait and expose attackers to neutralise silent attacks and flag all stages of malicious activity from recon, discovery, and lateral movement. This solution is lightweight, quickly deployable, and highly accurate with highly versatile decoys that can mimic a wide variety of resources including workstations, databases, network assets, IoT devices and many other highly specialised resources. Tricking threats into compromising and interacting with these decoys exposes their presence and kickstarts the remediation process before they have the chance to reach their intended target.

How can COOLSPIRiT help?

COOLSPIRiT is a long-standing of partner of Commvault, Metallic's parent company, and one of the first in the UK to adopt Metallic into its portfolio. Make the most of our in-house technical expertise and contact us today to find out more about Metallic ThreatWise. Call 01246 454 222 or email hello@coolspirit.co.uk.

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