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We are proud to support the World Land Trust by committing to plant a tree with every order placed, just one of many sustainable initiatives at COOLSPIRiT.

As an organisation, COOLSPIRiT is wholly committed to improving our sustainability record with a number of initiatives in place to help towards our global population becoming carbon neutral, including:
  • Partnering with World Land Trust to plant trees in Armenia
  • SME Climate Commitment
  • Working from solar-powered offices
  • Availability of electric car charge points
  • Electric-powered company vehicles
  • Upgrading to LED lighting throughout our offices
  • Eradicating the use of single-use plastic
  • Achieving ISO 14001 Certification
  • Supporting the 721 Challenge

We understand that our business has a direct impact on the environment, so we're actively working towards best practices in the technology sector.

We're excited to have now partnered with the World Land Trust (Registered Charity No. 1001291) as a corporate supporter. The World Land Trust carries out essential reforestation projects, supporting conservation and creation of wildlife-rich habitats benefitting local communities, reconnecting forest areas, and storing carbon.

We will plant a tree for every order placed with us.

When you place an order with COOLSPIRiT our donation made on your behalf supports the Armenia project. A planned 700,000 trees are to be planted in one of the world’s lesser-known biodiversity hotspots for Armenia’s leopard and lynx.

This donation pays for a sapling, the preparation of its plot, the planting and most importantly, the protection of this delicate young tree for its first 3-4 years to ensure it grows strong. If the tree happens to die in this time, it will be replaced with another.

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SME Climate Commitment

We want to play our part in contributing to climate action. That’s why we’ve signed the SME Climate Commitment, pledging to halve our emissions before 2030 and reaching net-zero emissions before 2050.

  View our PPN0621 Carbon Reduction Plan >>

Solar-powered offices

Our offices will be powered by solar technology to ensure we can lower our emissions and help towards becoming carbon neutral. 

Vehicles and charging points

We are committed to supplying adequate electric car charging points at our offices, in line with the government's pledge to end the sales of diesel and petrol cars in the UK by 2030. COOLSPIRiT also ensures that all its commercial vehicle fleet is electric powered where available.

LED lighting

COOLSPIRiT is in the process of refitting all of its offices with state-of-the-art LED lighting, which is up to 80% more energy-efficient, reducing the amount of electricity we use, and also minimising our carbon footprint.   

No single-use plastic

We have eradicated the use of all single-use plastic in favour of reusable materials, subsequently reducing our carbon footprint and improving the quality of products available to our staff. 

ISO 14001 Certification

At the heart of ISO 14001 is an internationally agreed standard that sets out the requirements for an environmental management system. COOLSPIRiT is proud to hold this certification which rubber stamps and certifies our processes and procedures.

"The 721 Challenge is about making as much noise around global warming as possible."

At COOLSPIRiT we are exceptionally proud to be a corporate sponsor of the 721 Challenge. This entails climbing the Seven Summits (the highest mountain on every continent), skiing the North and South Poles and rowing across the Atlantic Ocean in world record speed. He has already completed the Seven Summits and ski'd across the South Pole, meaning he has just 1 and half more challenges in his race against climate change...

Nick Hollis, an international mountaineer, is undertaking a Guinness World Record attempt to promote environmental responsibility and raise funds for the conservation of our planet's most precious resource: its rainforests. 

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Proud to sponsor the 721 Challenge

COOLSPIRiT is delighted to be a sponsor of the 721 Challenge is a race against climate change. In December 2021 a two-man team will attempt to row 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean in aid of the World Land Trust conservation charity. The next stage will be an expedition to the North and South Poles, to complete the 7 Summits, 2 Poles, 1 Ocean Challenge.