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COOLSPIRiT G-Cloud 13 Framework Award

Written on: Sep 14, 2022 5:07:43 PM

Written by: Elizabeth Reed



We’re proud to announce that we’ve retained our status as a Crown Commercial Services approved supplier on the G-Cloud Framework!

About G-Cloud

First launching in 2012, the G-Cloud framework has now reached its 13th iteration with G-Cloud 13. This framework serves to improve and expedite the procurement process for cloud technologies and related services for government bodies. It lists each supplier and their respective solutions and services in an online catalogue called the Digital Marketplace, which is managed by Crown Commercial Service.

The benefits of procuring through the G-Cloud framework

The public sector is constantly facing huge pressure because of budget cuts, growing public demand for services, devolution, cyber threats, and information governance overhauls in the wake of GDPR. The emergence of the latest in cloud technologies can certainly help to solve these age-old challenges.  Not only can the cloud help to reduce costs and increase IT flexibility, but it can also facilitate shared services and IT modernisation. The G-Cloud framework provides an all-encompassing, easy route-to-market for buyers of cloud services through the following:

  • The ability to shortlist only the most appropriate suppliers with keyword searches and result filters, as well as to directly award contracts to the most suitable supplier significantly reduces the procurement process
  • All suppliers must undergo a vetting process by the Crown Commercial Service, requiring certain insurances and certifications to be granted supplier status. As such, all buyers can be assured that they are looking at a catalogue containing only compliant and certified suppliers
  • Prices are fixed at the point of entry, meaning that suppliers cannot raise their prices once on the framework or change their prices depending on the buyer.

G-Cloud Lots

The current G-Cloud framework is split into 3 Lots which are as follows:

  • Lot 1: Cloud Hosting (IaaS and PaaS)

Cloud platform or infrastructure services that enable the deployment, management and running of software and the provisioning and usage of resources for processing, storage, or networking.

  • Lot 2: Cloud Software (Saas)

Applications that are typically accessed over a public or private network.

  • Lot 3: Cloud Support

Services that provide support to set up and maintain cloud software or hosting services.

COOLSPIRiT’s G-Cloud 13 Offering

From the 9th November 2022, our cloud services will be available for procurement via the Digital Marketplace.

We have expanded our offering in the transition from G-Cloud 12 to G-Cloud 13 to include cloud services from Rubrik, Illumio and Commvault’s Metallic. Alongside these, we have also added a Multi-Vendor Support Service to ensure that your cloud environments run smoothly.

To see the full range of cloud services we offer, visit our webpage here.

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