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100 Million & Counting With HPE LTO

Written on: Dec 4, 2019 8:45:00 AM

Written by: Alex Raben



COOLSPIRiT awarded outstanding contribution to HPE's 100 million LTO data cartridges supplied...

Today COOLSPIRiT has been acknowledged as a leading supplier of LTO tape media in the UK. We're honoured that HPE recognise our commitment to archive storage. From the very beginning when LTO-1 was launched, we have been helping our customers ensure their data is kept safe and available, on the industries most cost-effect storage medium, while delivering outstanding green credentials.

What might 100 million HPE LTO Ultrium data cartridges look like? No one can be sure. But as the first brand to reach this milestone, HPE believes it should reflect the diversity and endless possibility of the digital universe. A place where your data can shine. A place that lets you explore new possibilities for transforming your business. A place where your archive data will be secure for years to come. HPE LTO Ultrium data cartridges: here’s to the next 100 million and counting...

HPE's very own Eddie Wardlaw & Ed Spooner came along to our office to present the award to our Brand Strategy Manager, Alex Raben.


If you would like to learn how you can utilise the latest version of LTO tape, including LTO-8, please contact your COOLSPIRiT Account Manager or submit a query here.

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