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Leading Independent Global Digital Media Services Organisation Deploys Quantum StorNext With COOLSPIRiT

Written on: May 10, 2018 1:00:00 PM

Written by: Alex Raben


[Data Management, Quantum]

A longstanding COOLSPIRiT digital media customer approached their Account Manager, looking for advice on solutions that could support their ever growing digital workflow and large multi PB archive, which did not require having to script or manually move data between the tiers.

Being a global company the customer also required the ability to protect data in multiple locations. Along with disk for immediate workspace storage, they wished to create a copy of data on tape and cloud, but using could storage as a last resort.

Project workshops took place between the customer and COOLSPIRiT. Quantum was introduced and in particularly the StorNext scale-out, high-performance storage platform, which was discussed in greater detail.

With StorNext Storage Manager Software policies are created, which give the ability to specify where data is recalled from. Deploying a tape library on premise ensures that recalls of copy data are done locally and only from the cloud when required. This reduces recall time and ensures the customer doesn’t incur additional unnecessary costs from their cloud provider.

Ultimately the company now has a digital workflow, that meets scale and performance requirements but also managing cost by utilising the correct storage resource by the associated data.

More about StorNext

StorNext is a filesystem that provides the performance for today’s high demand for randomized sequential workloads in the media and entertainment sector. The system can scale for both performance and access to over multiple topologies from block access over FC , ISCSI and the new scaleout NAS 2.0. Storage manager provides a policy driven engine to ensure that only data required from the current workload is held on high performance disk while moving none active project out to an archive tier seamlessly.

StorNext filesystem and the archive appear to users as a single workspace thereby ensuring that the performance filesystem only need to grow when or if the workload increases. Storage Managers open API stack has been certified by many MAM vendors allowing the MAM to control the movement of data though the workflow and filesystem.

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