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Cor(e)-Blimey COOLSPIRiT!

Cor(e)-Blimey COOLSPIRiT!

Written on: Dec 3, 2020 9:09:06 AM

Written by: Alex Raben



Cor(e)-Blimey... COOLSPIRiT is the Guv’nor when it comes to data protection!
Interj: slang Brit an exclamation of surprise...

 ...but it is no surprise to us that we are a highly efficient, competent data protection company because we have done the hard work to prove it, as it has been an incredibly busy year for the team at COOLSPIRiT.


Despite the Covid-19 pandemic bringing the world to a virtual standstill, the whole team at COOLSPIRiT have definitely not been sitting on their laurels during 2020...

In fact, we have had a busier year than ever, as we strive to make sure our customers, both existing and new, are in the best possible hands when it comes to protecting their valuable data.

This first focus starts with our partnership with Commvault and the products/services we can deliver…

To help better serve our customers, our sales teams have continued to hit all the necessary commercial, certification and competency targets within the requirements of our top-level Commvault ‘MarketBuilder’ Accreditation; ensuring that from the very first point of contact you're in safe hands. Our engineering, proof of concept and support teams have all ensured their expert qualifications are up-to-date to assure we meet the criteria of our ‘Service Advantage Plus’ status too. All our design, consultation, support and advice is given to customers from a ‘Master Status’ level – the highest possible qualification from Commvault.

With our GUARDiAN appliances, powered by Commvault, we can offer our customers a complete service lifecycle, from initially listening to their needs to consulting, designing, implementing, engineering, product road-mapping and of course support. These appliances have been extremely popular during this year - With the GUARDiAN appliance, we are literally the only hand our customers need to shake, to ensure their data is protected - or fist to bump in these socially distanced times...

Then there is our support team and the whole reason for the title of this blog, 'Cor(e)-Blimey COOLSPIRiT!' - our GUARDiAN support desk team have proudly accepted the promotion to CORE level status with Commvault, which demonstrates our level of competency, customer service and commitment to always going 'the extra mile'.

Although the GUARDiAN Support Desk was born in September last year, it is built from an eight-year foundation of hard work and practical learning experience. Our industry-aware support desk team also has skills in multiple areas including servers and storage, networking, virtualisation, cyber security, DevOps and private/public cloud to ensure our customers have that full data protection guarantee.

The momentum doesn’t stop there either - Not only are we smashing all our accreditation and qualification requirements, helping to deliver industry-leading services and products, but we are also attracting attention and winning new customers... Since the launch of our support desk in September 2019, we have onboarded just under 100 new customers – a rate of almost two a week - even during the months of lockdown and uncertainty. Customers are recognising the quality of service we can offer.

Acceleration of our expansion plans, with new employees and offices...

As a result of everyone's hard work and the success we've seen, the company itself has expanded accordingly in 2020. We have grown our existing team by 40 per cent, and have also taken on two apprentices in sales and support to continue bringing vital new talent into the industry.

To top that all off, we have doubled our office footprint by purchasing our neighbouring building, to bring even more efficiency to our way of working, once we are all able to return safely to the office.

Thanks to this extra space, we will now be able to operate our sales and technical teams in separate buildings, so they can both get onto their respective tasks without disturbing each other. We all know that sales and technical people are different animals who like to work in very different environments. 

Now at COOLSPIRiT, they can do just that and collaborate when needed….

Despite being in separate buildings, communication between our sales and technical teams will actually increase, not only through the frequent use of platforms such as Teams when face-to-face meetings are not possible, but also by doubling the number of meeting rooms at their disposal.

Queries and issues from both sides can be solved in minutes through a quick and safe face-to-face meeting, and we will become even more productive thanks to our new system of working.

Everything we have done, and continue to do, has been with the customer in mind, so we can provide not only the best and most reliable products on the market, but also the best level of service and support to keep our customers fully protected, secure, and free to focus on their own core business.

So, to review, 2020 has been a rather busy year for the team and how we can help our customers:

  • All Commvault 2020 certifications complete
  • Commvault CORE CASP accreditation award
  • 'One hand to shake' with our GUARDiAN Appliances
  • Nearly 100 new GUARDiAN support desk customers in 2020
  • Fantastic apprenticeship scheme
  • And a shiny new building!

We'll keep working hard to offer the best customer experience possible, with plenty more updates to come in 2021!


If you have any data protection requirements or just require plain, honest advice, get in touch with our expert team today!

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