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HPE Discover Announcements - HPE Nimble Storage DHCI & HPE Primera

Written on: Nov 5, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Written by: Alex Raben



Two exciting products announcements have been made at HPE Discover in Las Vegas.

Firstly, HPE Nimble Storage dHCI, offering the flexibility of converged and the simplicity of HCI. Secondly, HPE Primera, the world’s most intelligent storage for mission-critical apps. Understand more below with product introduction and HPE Chalk Talk videos by @CalvinZito.

HPE Nimble Storage dHCI (disaggregated hyperconverged infrastructure)

The flexibility of converged and the simplicity of HCI.


HPE Nimble Storage dHCI (disaggregated hyperconverged infrastructure) provides the flexibility to scale storage and compute independently, making it ideal for mission-critical databases and data warehouses. HPE Nimble Storage dHCI is a Converged System built on HPE Infosight and integrated VM management which makes it simple to manage and can scale rack-to-apps in minutes. Powered by HPE InfoSight, it provides self-optimizing performance, predictive support automation, and problem prevention. HPE Nimble Storage dHCI is a fast, resilient platform that delivers sub-millisecond latency and six-nines (99.9999%) measured availability.


Busy VM administrators and architects now have always-fast app performance, always-on data resilience, and resource efficiency at scale. HPE Nimble Storage dHCI is simple for anyone to manage, ready for demanding apps, and built for efficient scale.


With HPE Nimble Storage dHCI, VM administrators now have the ability to deploy faster, support any application across hybrid cloud, and create efficiency for any scale, with the following features:

  • Global intelligence - Delivers a self-managing private cloud with the industry’s most advanced AI for infrastructure, HPE InfoSight.
  • Hyperconverged control - Collapses storage and compute silos with policy-driven automation and native vCenter management.
  • Disaggregated scale - Scales performance and capacity independently and efficiently.
  • Fast, resilient storage - Delivers sub-ms latency and 99.9999% guaranteed availability through HPE Nimble Storage.
  • Hybrid cloud-ready - Provides app and data mobility across multicloud with HPE Cloud Volumes and Google Cloud Anthos.

Understand more with the Chalk Talk by @CalvinZito

HPE Primera

The world’s most intelligent storage for mission-critical apps that delivers extreme resiliency and performance with the agility of the cloud.


Businesses need to accelerate everything, but traditional high-end storage can’t keep up. Now is the time for intelligent storage that manages itself for every mission-critical app of today and tomorrow. Introducing, HPE Primera, the world’s most intelligent storage for mission-critical apps that unlocks the agility of the cloud, so you can innovate without compromise. Built upon proven resiliency and powered by the intelligence of HPE InfoSight, HPE Primera delivers instant access to data with storage that sets up in minutes, upgrades transparently, and is delivered as a service. Plus, it’s backed by a 100% availability guarantee.


You no longer have to sacrifice agility for resiliency. HPE Primera redefines high-end storage with global intelligence, simplicity, and extreme resiliency and performance.


HPE redefines mission-critical storage with a series of unique innovations across intelligence, hardware, and software. HPE Primera delivers an experience unmatched in the industry. These innovations deliver the foundation for instant app access, 100% data availability guaranteed, and always-fast, ultra-low latency, with the following features:

  • Global intelligence - The industry’s most advanced AI for infrastructure, HPE InfoSight, is now embedded into HPE Primera to optimize performance and workload placement in real time — creating the industry’s only end-to-end AI pipeline for self-managing storage.
  • All-active architecture - Features a unique, massively parallel, multi-node, all-active platform. Achieve limitless parallelization for consolidating traditional and next-gen mission-critical applications with all volumes active on all controllers, host ports, and media at all times.
  • Services-centric OS - A unique OS in its class, the HPE Primera OS allows for self-install and upgrades, drives up resiliency, installs in minutes with a single click, and enables faster access to new innovation.
  • 100% Availability Guarantee - Building on global intelligence and all-active architecture, HPE Primera raises the bar on mission-critical reliability. HPE Primera comes standard with a 100% data availability guarantee, without requiring special contracts or onerous terms.
  • As-a-service delivery - Consume HPE Primera with a fully managed, pay-as-you-go experience and scale data elastically with the needs of the business.
  • Timeless Storage - HPE Primera has a unique ownership experience with all-inclusive licensing, non-disruptive controller upgrades, efficiency and uptime guarantees, and flexible consumption options to suit your needs. Keep your storage always modern without costly rip-and-replace upgrades.

Understand more with the Chalk Talk by @CalvinZito

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