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Research Organisation Deploy Cloudian And Komprise With COOLSPIRiT

Written on: May 7, 2019 11:15:00 AM

Written by: Alex Raben


[Data Infrastructure, Cloudian]

Medical treatment research and teaching institute deploy Cloudian and Komprise with COOLSPIRiT, enabling global data access.

When you're the first institute in the world dedicated to the research and teaching of your expert subject, access to your research data is paramount - which has to be delivered fast, 100% of the time.

Like any organisation, as you grow over time, your environment grows organically until it has reached a point where a new vision is needed that aligns your strategic goals and objectives for the future. A vision is required which allows data sets to grow, response times to be dramatically improved and costs to be reduced from infrastructure budget.

In today's modern environments, traditional legacy SAN and NAS architectures can no longer scale to the capacities needed of vastly growing data. The institute considered procuring more of these existing traditional systems from trusted partners, but splitting up their expanding research data sets out across multiple disparate architectures was not feasible for their future vision.

It was clear a new type of architecture was needed. One with limitless scale and capacity, one that could help reduce cost and one that removed the complexities found in the current storage architecture, whilst also addressing future emerging requirements. An architecture like AWS for scale and economics, but with the speed, SLA, security, and resilience of a local storage system.

In order to address the requirements needed by the research team, COOLSPIRiT proposed an object storage architecture built on Cloudian HyperStore. This architecture allows consolidation of data, organisation wide, to a single, exabyte-scalable data fabric. Its modular design makes it easy to grow; capacity expansion is achieved by simply adding nodes when needed. This limitless scale storage, with no single point of failure and self-healing features, for protection against corruption, made it a perfect choice for the institute.

The institute had also been used to high-performance capabilities of their existing NAS storage systems. To address this, COOLSPIRiT proposed the deployment of Komprise data management software. Komprise is architected to manage the huge explosion of data overwhelming most organisations, bringing unprecedented simplicity, efficiency, and scalability to data management. With Komprise, the team can deliver the performance needed for file shares and home directories whilst also integrating directly into the Cloudian HyperStore to allow standardisation on a single, global storage architecture.

With this new solution and the expert advice of COOLSPIRiT, all unstructured data is hosted and managed with Cloudian and Komprise technologies. The team has deployed an initial replicated solution designed with Cloudian erasure coding for maximum storage efficiency across two global sites. With its flexible and modular design, the solution allows for capacity and performance to be easily increased as requirements continue to grow and further global sites come online..

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