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Asking Copilot Four Questions

Written on: Mar 14, 2024 9:35:04 AM

Written by: Alex Raben


[Commvault, Data Management, COOLSPIRiT]

With all the hype around AI at Cloud Expo last week, we thought we'd ask Microsoft Copilot for information...

We asked the following four questions. Read on to see its answers - all concise information with key features which we would say are a very good representation.

  • Tell me about Commvault and their latest Commvault Cloud product announcements
  • Tell me more about cleanroom recovery from Commvault
  • Tell me more about Arlie from Commvault
  • Tell me about COOLSPIRiT GUARDiAN BaaS

Question 1: Tell me about Commvault and their latest Commvault Cloud product announcements

Commvault recently announced a significant update to their product lineup with the introduction of Commvault Cloud, powered by Metallic AI. This new platform is designed to enhance cyber resilience for hybrid cloud organizations, especially in the face of increasing ransomware and cyberattacks.

Here are some key highlights of the latest Commvault Cloud product announcements:

• Unified Data Protection: Commvault Cloud brings together data protection, security, intelligence, and recovery on a single platform.

• AI-Driven Cyber Resilience: The platform offers AI capabilities to predict threats faster, ensure clean recoveries, and accelerate threat response times.

• Cleanroom Recovery: A new service that provides a secure, clean environment for recovery testing, isolated forensics, and rapid production recovery.

• Arlie: An AI co-pilot that improves cyber resilience posture with real-time threat analysis and custom reporting.

• Cloudburst Recovery: Enables mass recovery of any workload, from any location, to any location – at scale.

• Platinum Resilience: Offers comprehensive cyber resilience capabilities and is backed by the Commvault Protection Warranty.

• Unified Management: Simplifies data protection with unified management, real-time insights, and consolidated views of your data.

These advancements aim to provide organizations with a robust and comprehensive approach to data protection and cyber resilience. 


Question 2: Tell me more about cleanroom recovery from Commvault

Commvault’s Cleanroom Recovery is a cloud-based solution designed to help organizations recover their data securely and efficiently after a cyberattack.

Here are some key features of Commvault Cleanroom Recovery:

• Secure Environment: It provides a secure, isolated cloud environment that is free from malware and threats, ensuring that recovered data is clean.

• Rapid Recovery: The service is designed for rapid and clean data recoveries, minimizing downtime and the risk of reintroducing threats into the system.

• Automated Testing: It offers an automated way to test cyber recovery plans, which helps in ensuring business continuity without disrupting production systems.

• Forensic Analysis: The solution allows for secure forensic analysis of infected systems to identify the root cause of an attack.

• Cost-Effective: By using a cloud-based service, it reduces the complexity and costs associated with managing on-premises cleanrooms.

• Compliance: Cleanroom Recovery meets compliance requirements with auditable evidence and proof of successful recovery.


Question 3: Tell me more about Arlie from Commvault

Arlie is Commvault’s generative AI assistant, integrated into the Commvault® Cloud platform. Here are some key features of Arlie:

• 24/7 Availability: Arlie is designed to be available around the clock, providing support whenever needed.

• Natural Language Processing: It can understand and respond to inquiries in plain, simple language, making interactions intuitive.

• Personalized Insights: Arlie delivers personalized, actionable insights to help users save time and respond quickly to threats.

• AI-Powered Resilience: The assistant enhances cyber resilience by offering real-time insights and specific action steps for troubleshooting.

• Generative AI Capabilities: Arlie can generate code with Commvault APIs, provide guided product walk-throughs, and offer advanced troubleshooting to optimize cyber resilience.

Arlie represents a significant step forward in using AI to streamline data management and enhance security measures within the Commvault ecosystem.


Question 3: Tell me about COOLSPIRiT GUARDiAN BaaS

COOLSPIRiT’s GUARDiAN Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) is a comprehensive data protection solution that combines industry-leading SaaS data protection from Metallic with managed services. Here are some key features of GUARDiAN BaaS:

• Multi-layered Security: It provides zero-trust security to safeguard endpoints, SaaS applications, and hybrid cloud environments with an immutable data protection solution.

• Simplified Data Protection: The cloud-based solution simplifies the backup process, allowing users to focus on their core business activities.

• Flexible and Scalable: GUARDiAN BaaS offers flexibility to protect various industry-standard platforms and applications from any location.

• Automated Reporting: It includes automated reporting features for better management and control of the backup and recovery processes.

• Dedicated Support: COOLSPIRiT provides a dedicated team of backup specialists to ensure continuous data protection.

• Powered by Metallic: The service leverages Metallic’s enterprise-grade security and backup capabilities for robust data protection.

GUARDiAN BaaS aims to provide peace of mind in an increasingly data-driven world by ensuring that valuable data assets are safeguarded against ransomware and data loss. For more information, you can visit COOLSPIRiT’s official website.

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Blog credit: Microsoft Copilot


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