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NHS Organisation Decides Hyperconverged Infrastructure Is The Way Forward...

Written on: Feb 4, 2020 9:30:00 AM

Written by: Alex Raben



NHS customer selects Nutanix Private Cloud from COOLSPIRiT to host and manage critical patient data.

After expert advice from the COOLSPIRiT team, we are delighted to announce that a Healthcare NHS Trust has selected Nutanix technology to replace ageing NetApp infrastructure.

During their market research, the Trust's requirements were for infrastructure that has market-leading features, recognised by market analysts such as Gartner, but also management and expansion simplicity was key due to limited internal resource.

Upon trusting Nutanix technology to manage their patient data, a Nutanix NX 8000 series cluster was selected. This is located over two sites, with a total of 16 nodes and 1PB of raw storage. Staying with their chosen hypervisor vendor, VMware, the team will keep management familiarity, at a hypervisor layer, while Prism from Nutanix drives management simplicity even further.

As with many NHS organisations, such large investments must be in production for the foreseeable future; this NHS Trust has selected 5 years support for their private cloud infrastructure, ensuring consistency for the team in the long-term.

About Nutanix

Nutanix is the fastest growing infrastructure and enterprise cloud company of the decade and they aren't slowing down!

Nutanix was founded with a bold vision: to make managing IT infrastructure so simple that it becomes invisible. It all started with bringing together compute, storage, networking, and virtualization in one invisible stack. And now? They're making clouds invisible too.

Today, this industry-leading Enterprise Cloud platform is enabling thousands of companies to run their apps and workloads with unparalleled performance in whichever cloud makes sense - private, public, or edge -knowing it’s working seamlessly with minimal intervention.

Learn more with the Nutanix special edition of Next-Generation Hyperconverged Infrastructure for dummies.

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