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Fortify Your Defences With KnowBe4's Security Awareness Training Platform

Written on: Jun 19, 2023 4:52:35 PM

Written by: Elizabeth Reed


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What is KnowBe4?
KnowBe4 stands tall as the world's largest security awareness training platform, empowering organizations to fortify themselves against the ever-present threat of cyberattacks. With a core focus on equipping employees to identify and evade phishing attacks, ransomware infiltrations, and other insidious social engineering ploys, KnowBe4 is a champion of cyber resilience.

At the heart of KnowBe4's training lies the expertise of Kevin Mitnick, a former hacker turned security consultant. By leveraging Mitnick's extensive knowledge, employees are trained to sharpen their instincts and shield their organisations from potential breaches.

What does KnowBe4 offer?
KnowBe4 extends beyond training alone, offering an array of cutting-edge security tools. Among these are the Phish Alert Button, enabling swift reporting of suspicious emails; the Domain Spoof Test, assessing susceptibility to email spoofing; and the Breached Password Test, scanning for compromised passwords. Together, these tools empower organisations to swiftly identify and respond to emerging security threats.

Unparalleled in its comprehensiveness, KnowBe4's security awareness training platform offers a range of benefits:

1. World's Largest: As the leading platform in its domain, KnowBe4 boasts unmatched scale and reach, providing organisations with an unrivaled training experience.

2. Kevin Mitnick's Expertise: Backed by the expertise of Kevin Mitnick, KnowBe4 delivers training founded on real-world hacking experiences, offering invaluable insights and practical defense strategies.

3. Diverse Security Tools: In addition to training, KnowBe4 equips organisations with an arsenal of powerful security tools, including the Phish Alert Button, Domain Spoof Test, and Breached Password Test.

4. Customisable and User-Friendly: KnowBe4's platform is designed with ease of use in mind, offering customisation options that allow organisations to tailor the training to their specific needs.

When it comes to safeguarding your organisation against cyber threats, KnowBe4 stands as an exceptional choice. With its comprehensive security awareness training platform and array of powerful tools, KnowBe4 empowers employees to become the first line of defence in the battle against evolving cyber risks. 

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