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Introducing The FlashBlade//E From Pure Storage

Written on: Mar 15, 2023 2:10:10 PM

Written by: Elizabeth Reed


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Our partner Pure Storage has grown the FlashBlade family with its latest addition - FlashBlade//E™! 

FlashBlade//E is an all-flash scale-out unstructured data repository capable of handling exponential data growth. With an acquisition price comparable to disk-based solutions, it offers a cheaper total cost of ownership thanks to its denser, energy-efficient and scalable all-flash infrastructure. This means with FlashBlade//E you can better manage everyday file and object workloads effectively, reliably and sustainably at a lower long-term cost! 

This is all made possible by Pure’s unique innovations, Purity//FB and DirectFlash®. Purity//FB software enables greater visibility across everyday file and object workloads, simplifying the process of managing storage It also provides native NFS, S3, and SMB protocol support, and can support billions of files and objects in a single system. The petabyte scalability of FlashBlade//E is made possible by DirectFlash® technology which offers industry-leading density and efficiency for all-flash storage systems. With uncomplicated storage that scales without growing complexity or requiring additional resources to manage, FlashBlade//E will also enable you to save on operational overheads. 

Unstructured workloads that were once limited to disk-based solutions, like analytics, data modelling, AI, archiving, or data recovery can now be embraced by FlashBlade//E because of its compelling initial cost of purchase. Now you no longer need to compromise so you can reduce the pressure on strained space, energy and administrative resources. 

Welcome a new era of storage for file and object repository workloads with FlashBlade//E.

To find out more, contact our expert team today at hello@coolspirit.co.uk or call 01246 454222.

Take a look at our datasheet to see how you can combine FlashBlade's next-gen enterprise scale-out UFFO storage with Commvault's data protection software for rapid recovery and content immutability to protect against ransomware.

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