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Metallic Upcoming Product Release Notes...

Written on: Nov 30, 2023 11:21:42 AM

Written by: Alex Raben


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Metallic, the award-winning SaaS-based data protection platform which powers GUARDiAN BaaS, is constantly being evolved and expanded upon to address the latest needs.

This December sees another flurry of new products, features and enhancements...

New Products:
  • NEW Active Directory Backup
    We are excited to announce the release of Commvault Cloud Backup & Recovery for Active Directory. With the launch of this new paid offering, Commvault technology drastically enhances the protection of your critical identity and access management infrastructure. Key features include:
    • Single-solution protection for both Active Directory and Azure AD (now Microsoft Entra ID)
    • Accelerated recovery of deleted and changed objects by comparing all objects and attributes between backups
    • Recovery of Group Policy Objects, including their security, links, and settings
    • Recovery of Azure AD conditional access policies and roles
    • Rollback of overwritten or corrupted attributes across many objects at once
    • More frequent backups of AD, ensuring it is always possible to restore a recent copy
    • Layered security with air-gapped data copies
New Features:
  • ThreatWise™ Advisor
    Powered by Metallic AI, ThreatWise Advisor intelligently leverages backup environment telemetry to determine the location and type of critical assets within an environment. By assessing data actively being protected within Commvault Cloud, ThreatWise™ Advisor recommends decoy types and density to further safeguard critical workloads.   
  • Export-Based Backup for Amazon RDS
    Protect your Amazon RDS instances using export-based backup for long-term retention and cross-cloud mobility & lower your cloud storage costs by using the combined storage tiers. Supported Amazon RDS Databases include; AuroraDB MySQL, AuroraDB Postgres, MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQL Server.
  • Amazon EC2 Backups without Gateways
    Protect Amazon EC2 instances without deploying a backup gateway in your AWS account seamlessly with the new simplified guided configuration experience & lower your cloud storage costs by using the combined storage tiers.
  • Teams Compliance Search 
    Expanded compliance search capabilities for Teams, including support for channel posts, files, user chats, and more. To leverage these enhanced capabilities, user chats must be backed up via Microsoft’s paid Export API 
Latest Enhancements:
  • Rule-based Discovery and Backup for Azure Blog
    Leverage rule-based backup for Azure Blob, including; Tag name, Tag value, Resource Group name, Azure Blob, or pattern. 
  • Support for Azure Data Lake (ADLS) with Multi-Node
    Onboard ADLS as the supported workload, in addition to the currently supported object storage for Azure Blob and Azure File. 
  • Enhanced Overview Page
    A new, simplified overview page provides users with critical information on backup health and status for VMs, Files, and SaaS apps. Access this view under the ‘Protect’ section in the left-hand navigation.  
  • Service Account Removal for Teams
    Commvault Cloud’s Teams configuration no longer requires a delegate token during the admin consent process to restore posts to an HTML file. To restore Teams posts to the Posts tab, admins must still authorize the App with delegate tokens during configuration. 
  • Office 365 Email ID Restore
    For disaster recovery scenarios, this additional recovery option enables users to restore mailbox and OneDrive data to the original location by matching the user's email address rather than the user's GUID. 

Whether you're looking to upgrade your existing data protection system or deploy new technology to help protect your organisation against the latest cyber threats, COOLSPIRiT has the expertise and solutions you need to keep your organisation's data safe and secure.

Powered by Metallic, our GUARDiAN Backup-as-a-Services makes the perfect choice for protecting the life-blood of your business. Learn more here.

To find out more, contact our expert team today at hello@coolspirit.co.uk or call 01246 454222.

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