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Preventing the Headlines: How Cyber Security Solutions Could Have Mitigated Notable Cyber Attacks

Written on: Jan 19, 2023 10:54:38 AM

Written by: Elizabeth Reed


[Cyber Security]

Cyber attacks were rife last year, impacting organisations of all sizes and industries. Here at COOLSPIRiT, we don't like to dwell on the bad which is why the following article will focus on how two cases, featuring the most common types of cyber attacks, could have been prevented or mitigated by implementing the correct products within our cyber security portfolio.

Email Security

Mailchimp was just one of many organisations to be struck by an email attack in 2022. Employees were tricked into handing over their credentials which attackers then used to gain access to 319 customer accounts, exporting the mailing lists of 102 accounts. From these accounts, they then launched a chain of phishing attacks which contained malicious code to farm for more credentials, including that of Trezor customers whose cryptocurrency wallets were drained.

The tidal wave of increasingly sophisticated malware seems relentless and unstoppable, especially now with the growing threat of lesser-skilled cybercriminals utilising OpenAI's ChatGPT technology to create malicious code. Analysts themselves have used ChatGPT to create an entire infection flow, from phishing emails to executing a reverse shell, as well as building backdoor malware for dynamically running scripts created by the AI tech. Confirming this reality are the number of threads cropping up on underground hacking forums from hackers sharing their experience recreating common malware strains and techniques.

Relying upon O365 and Google Workspace email security tools is simply not enough. Mail gateways and integrated cloud mail solutions are your best defence against email-based cyber attacks. We've partnered with industry titans Barracuda, Abnormal and Tessian to ensure these attacks are stopped before they even reach your inbox. Barracuda combines email-gateway defences, API-based inbox defence and web security to ward off all 13 types of email threat types. Abnormal and Tessian employ advanced behavioural science with risk-adaptive detection to stop the more advanced email attacks that legacy email security solutions fail to catch.

Suspicious Behaviour Detected

In October 2022, news broke of a potential cyberattack against Lloyd's of London after it detected suspicious behaviour on its network, causing the company to disconnect some of its systems as a precaution. Enlisting a dedicated team and two specialist partners to perform a cyber security investigation, there was no evidence of compromise found but no further information was ever publicly released regarding the incident.

Without detection and response solutions such as Extended Detection and Response, Network Detection and Response and Security Information and Event Management, it is unlikely that an organisation will ever find out exactly how an attack happened. This is crucial information for fine-tuning and strengthening your organisation's cyber security posture to prevent a similar attack occurring again. Our partners Sentinel One, Trend Micro, CrowdStrike and CheckPoint all offer such solutions that would make the forensic investigation process a breeze, turning every crumb of information into a complete picture.

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