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Intelligently prevents advanced threats and protects against data loss to strengthen email security and build a smarter security culture in modern enterprises.

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The Tessian Cloud Email Security Platform relieves your overwhelmed security team by enhancing your email security with machine-learning powered behavioural intelligence modelling. 

With Tessian Defender, you're automatically protected against advanced email attacks that other email security solutions miss, such as spear phishing, business email compromise and account takeover. It establishes normal behaviour for each end-user, flagging anything that appears unusual. The subsequent triage, investigation, remeidation and risk-reporting is fully automated so your SOC teams can focus their attention on more productive matters. Helping to further reduce their workload, Tessian alerts end-users to low-risk threats with contextual warnings so they can understand why the threat was flagged and know what action to take - building a smarter security culture.

As for outbound emails, Tessian Guardian is at the ready to automatically detect and prevent accidental data loss caused by people sending emails to the wrong recipient or attaching the wrong files before it's sent. It does so by analysing historical email data to understand the content, context, and communication patterns, comprehensively mapping every employee's normal behaviour and email interactions. Analysing emails in real-time, Tessian conducts an inspection of the content and attachments, detecting and flagging anomalous events with clear, simple explanations and intelligent suggestions for alternative recipients.

Tessian: it's intelligent data loss prevention without rules or false positives.

"Tessian was so easy to deploy and has been incredibly low-maintenance. It's not a tool we have to worry about keeping up and running from an infrastructure perspective. It's one less thing the security team has to worry about. That was and continues to be a huge selling point for us."

Tessian Customer

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