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Launched: HPE Cloud Volumes

Written on: May 27, 2019 8:15:00 AM

Written by: Alex Raben



Integrate your on-prem storage with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure public clouds.

HPE has announced today that they have officially launched HPE Cloud Volumes in the UK, an HPE cloud data service which will fundamentally transform the way customers utilise public cloud for enterprise applications and workloads.

What is HPE Cloud Volumes?

HPE Cloud Volumes is a cloud data service that enables customers to run enterprise applications and workloads in Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure public clouds.

Its simplicity is as easy to use as native cloud storage, but with HPE Storage technology behind the service, it brings enterprise-grade reliability and features that enterprise applications rely on.

This Intelligent Data Platform strategy is all about being built for cloud and giving customers’ complete flexibility and mobility in a Hybrid Cloud world. HPE Cloud Volumes delivers that strategy with easy data mobility and gives customers the freedom to move data between different public cloud services and on-prem without being locked in. Combine this with predictive analytics powered by HPE InfoSight, customers gain global visibility not only with their on-prem infrastructure but also across multiple clouds.

Why HPE Cloud Volumes?

HPE Cloud Volumes brings a key differentiator to the HPE storage portfolio, something no our vendors are able to offer.

Customers who have moved to the cloud will be familiar with certain caveats when using public cloud providers such as expensive egress charges, a lack of flexibility, slow data restoration as well as non-enterprise resiliency. This is where HPE Cloud Volumes differentiates HPE and truly delivers a Hybrid Cloud strategy delivering:

  • Enterprise Grade – More reliable and durable than AWS/Azure offerings. Protect data and restore with ease without having the poor backup performance.
  • Easy Mobility – Taking control of data with bidirectional replication, failover and failback with Multi-cloud tenancy.
  • See, Manage and Build – See and manage data across public cloud and on-prem. Uncover savings with predictive analytics, avoiding hidden or expensive egress charges. Pinpoint and resolve performance issues across the entire infrastructure.

Disaster recovery strategies are constantly on the agenda of CIO’s and IT Managers and it’s the same questions. Is our data secure? How quickly can we recover from a disaster? Is the current DR solution cost effective?

HPE Cloud Volumes can be used as a DR solution as it requires no extra hardware, its easy pay-per-use consumption model with a secure and reliable platform removes all the complexions of a traditional DR solution. Offsite copies can be easily migrated to the cloud without incurring any additional software costs. Once the data is located in Cloud Volumes it can be a matter of seconds until a Virtual machine in either Azure or AWS can be spun up and systems are back online.

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