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Latest Enhancements and Features for Metallic...

Written on: Oct 5, 2023 1:46:51 PM

Written by: Alex Raben


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Metallic, the award-winning SaaS-based data protection platform is constantly being evolved and expanded upon - leading the industry every day.

As of October 2023 below is the latest and greatest list of Metallic’s product features and enhancements.

New Features:
  • New Backup Copy Health Report: Users and admins can now monitor and remediate issues using the new “IntelliSnap Backup Copy Health” Report.
  • Nutanix AHV Support: Introduces new Metallic backup capabilities for Nutanix AHV with support for IntelliSnap.
  • Teams 1:1 and Group Chat Support: Enables protecting Teams 1:1 and Group chats for users of your choice within Metallic. This new capability is built on the Microsoft Teams Export API.
  • OCI Marketplace Private Offers: OCI customers can now use their OCI universal credits to purchase Metallic offerings via OCI private offers.
Latest Enhancements:
  • Support for Azure SQL: Improved backup performance for Azure SQL (PaaS) Databases by eliminating staging storage account requirements.
  • Azure VM API Enhancements: Extended API Support for restoring Azure VMs in- or out –of-place to other Azure regions.
  • Windows Backup Gateway Installer Enhancement: Enables configuration of a dedicated data drive for I/O intensive operations to prevent performance impact to OS/System Drive.
  • Intelligent Storage Plan Selecting: Simplified and optimized onboarding experience with pre-canned storage plan templates to ensure optimum storage.
  • Smart Defaults for Hybrid Cloud Server Plan: Improved self-service experience and optimization using smart default to reduce storage costs.
  • New and Improved Configuration Wizard: Streamlined onboarding experience for Metallic Microsoft 365 and Endpoint admins, ensuring that organizations can get backups up and running in less time with fewer errors.
  • Restartability of Exchange Restore Jobs: Ensures maximum restore efficiency, restarting any paused Exchange Online restore jobs where they left off.
  • OneDrive Restore Optimization: Enhances small scale restores by optimizing resource allocation (including testing for possible throttling) delivering high throughput for small and large restores alike.
  • Inactive User Data: Enables admins to more easily pinpoint which users have a large percentage of inactive vs. active data for more effective cleanup.
  • Mark SQL Database Backup unrestorable: Allows users to specify SQL Databases marked as unrestorable, enabling database backups to be deleted without impacting others.
  • Sub-client Follow Mount: Expands the ‘Follow Mount Point’ option from the job-level to the sub-client level.
  • Cluster and Namespace Support Enhancements: Protects all API resources visible to the Kube-API server with a single-click selection.
  • Attach Disk Support: Allows users to perform Attach Disk restores from snapshots without the need for multiple file-level restores.
  • Azure Key Vault Selection Support: Empowers users to select their own Azure Key Vault during VM restores.
  • VSA VMWARE Indexing Enhancements: Adds support for configuring backup type and disk filters at the VM level for Indexing V2 VMs.
  • One-time login code Enhancements: Provides alternate email codes for external provider authentication (SAML IDPs or Active Directories) in the event the primary authenticator is not reachable.
  • Azure Flexible Database Backup Support: Enables backup/restore support of Azure flexible servers for PostgreSQL and MySQL databases.
  • Azure VM Intellisnap Improvements: Provides new enhancements to support application-consistent Intellisnap backups for Azure VMs.
  • Azure VM Security Enhancements: Enables support for retaining the Application Security Group (ASG) associations for Azure VMs during restores for improved security.
  • Database Protection Enhancements: Various configuration and support enhancements that simplify and enrich backup and restore operations across Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and other databases.
  • Job View Enhancements: Delivers an easy-to-use view for admins to see associated jobs and their statuses.
  • OCI: Multi-Availability Domain Support for VMs: Allows users to protect VMs residing in multiple availability domains via a single backup gateway using VCM with regional connectivity.

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