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HPE Cloud Volumes Backup with Commvault

Written on: Jul 28, 2020 11:10:45 AM

Written by: Alex Raben


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In this blog you'll understand how to enable robust hybrid cloud elasticity, scale, and data portability for enterprise-grade data management and data protection - wherever your data lives, with HPE & Commvault.

It’s time to do cloud backup right. HPE are making it super simple for you to move your backup infrastructure to the cloud – directly from any storage array or backup ISV – with HPE Cloud Volumes Backup, a new on-demand enterprise cloud backup service.  Your backups can be restored on premises or in the cloud (without egress fees!) to turn them into a business asset that accelerates development and reveals new insights.  Plus, it’s delivered as a service, so you only pay as you grow with predictable consumption-based billing so you can avoid upfront capex expenses and overprovisioning.

Align data protection to cloud economics and cloud consumption models with Commvault integration

Granular indexing and rapid recovery across both traditional and cloud-born applications means you’ll be able to recover and restore the exact data you need, when you need it - regardless of where your data lives. DR on demand and instant, rapid recovery with Commvault Live Sync and Live Mount deliver ultimate public cloud and VM format flexibility to HPE Cloud Volumes Backup—and beyond. From edge to cloud, Commvault has your data covered and protected with a single platform.

Commvault enhances and extends HPE Cloud Volumes Backup with:

Enhanced edge data protection: Deep integration support for HPE Catalyst API enables automated edge-enabled data protection ideal for highly distributed data enterprises.

Purpose-built backup meets cloud scalability and elasticity: Extend native HPE Cloud Volumes Backup capabilities to enable cloud-based instant recovery, DR on demand, and instant migration: VM to VM format, cloud to cloud, and to/from on-premises and back.

Comprehensive control of your data enterprise: Commvault seamlessly provides natively integrated, award-winning data management across all your data—no matter where it lives—without the need for expensive gateways or connectors.

Industry-leading data coverage: From containers to legacy and cloud-born applications, Commvault software ensures broad workload coverage wherever your data lives—including native integration to 40+ cloud options.

Data protection built with edge data in mind

Stress free edge data protection is here with Commvault on HPE Cloud Volumes Backup. Ideal for branch operations, remote locations without IT personnel (or without any personnel). Spin up storage capacity in the cloud in minutes and integrate seamlessly with existing data workflows. Automation, AI, and Commvault’s award-winning policy engine do all the work for you. Reliable, resilient, and scalable (up or down) as needed. Ultra-light MediaAgent install at remote locations gets you up and running in minutes. Commvault automation eliminates the need for on-site IT expertise.

Achieve global data portability across hybrid cloud and multicloud

Commvault’s advanced integration support extends the value of HPE Cloud Volumes Backup as a powerful tool to accelerate your digital transformation.

By adding Commvault, you can:

• Achieve complete data portability with instant migration capability—seamlessly move your workloads within your overall hybrid cloud and multicloud environment.

• Eliminate data silos to reduce data sprawl and reduce the cost of your data resources.

• Gain visibility into all your data, regardless of where your data lives.

• Instantly restore your data across data centers, cloud, and the edge - when and where your data is needed.

• Commvault: Unmatched industry leadership.

• For over 20 years, Commvault has focused on helping organizations gain maximum value from their data.



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