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In the fast-paced, quick-release environment of the future, you need to be constantly ready for change, be resourceful and be highly adaptable to the ever-changing business landscape. That’s why Hewlett Packard Enterprise was created, to help organisations innovate, stay competitive and quickly turn ideas into value.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is the company best equipped to build a bridge from where enterprise IT is today to where it needs to be. The only company that brings it all – software, hardware and services – to all customers.

COOLSPIRiT design and deploy solutions using HPE technology, including the Nimble flash-optimised hybrid storage solutions which are built from the ground up to utilise SSD Flash and HDD. This ensures maximum efficiency by integrating the exceptional performance of flash-based storage with the favourable economics of high-capacity hard disk drives.

Our enterprise solutions team can help your business protect your data in a much more cost-efficient way without compromising on performance.

"COOLSPIRiT’s experience meant they were able to clearly explain the solution’s functionality, its benefits to us as a business and how it compared to other similar products. To add more capacity to our old system would have cost us a third of our overall investment, without any of the benefits. The COOLSPIRiT solution delivers much better value for money."
IT Project Leader
BAM Construct UK

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