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Metallic BaaS, from Commvault now available...

Written on: Oct 28, 2020 10:07:14 AM

Written by: Alex Raben


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Announcement of the Metallic launch, by Marco Fanizzi, Vice President and GM, Commvault EMEA

It's been just one short year since Metallic’s debut in the U.S., ushering in the next generation of cloud native, enterprise grade, SaaS-based data protection. Now, I’m more than happy to help announce that it’s time for EMEA to join in on the action.

Today Commvault officially made its award-winning Metallic Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) solutions available across the EMEA region. Specifically, Metallic™ Office 365 Backup & Recovery, Metallic™ Endpoint Backup & Recovery and Metallic™ Core Backup & Recovery are now available in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Sweden.

While we only celebrated Metallic’s first birthday just two weeks ago, we’re already a full year ahead of competing offerings. We’re giving customers the choice they need now and making it possible for them to shift and lift their environments from a private cloud to a multi-cloud world with a scalable, enterprise BaaS solution.

In a year, we’ve added support for new hybrid workloads, new features and UX enhancements and a strengthened partnership with Microsoft Azure. We’ve won awards and customer recognition alike for the strength of our solution in a unique time – when companies feel more pressure than ever to protect endpoints and Office 365 for remote environments and adopt SaaS solutions for agility and savings.

There is a saying: good things come to those who wait. We made sure we got BaaS right for the U.S., then for Canada and, more recent, for Australia and New Zealand. Now it’s EMEA’s turn in the spotlight.

With multiple languages, trademarks, currencies, tax laws, legal systems and trade agreements, EMEA is a diverse market with focused attention on security, compliance and control from IT providers. We did our due diligence in making sure that the products met the most stringent requirements in each country and each legal jurisdiction. And while compliance demands in EMEA may be among the most demanding in the world, we made it seamless for our customers – so they can enjoy simple management and peace of mind, knowing we are GDPR compliant and that we can provide data protection in support of data sovereignty across all of these countries. Metallic customers in EMEA can be assured we have done it right.

Only Commvault has the ability to deliver an integrated portfolio to customers that are on a hybrid journey, but don’t want a one-size-fits-all solution. Customers can adopt our software, our HyperScale X appliance, Metallic Cloud Storage Service and now Metallic BaaS capabilities for workloads at different parts of their hybrid journey and still keep the power of a single experience, or a single pane of glass from an operational perspective. It’s the best of all worlds, and now our EMEA customers can benefit from the full power of the Commvault AND Metallic portfolios.

Metallic: better than ever for EMEA customers

On top of all that, we’re actually launching a more feature-filled Metallic portfolio in EMEA than was previously available. More complete functionality for eDiscovery and GDPR compliance has been added and, with this expanded availability, EMEA customers are now better able to seamlessly address growing business concerns around cost, scalability and security as they protect critical data.

Some EMEA customers are already taking advantage of the simplicity of using Metallic. Yossi Gross, Vice President of IT and CIO at BDO Ziv Haft Israel, called Metallic: “An advanced SaaS product that gives BDO a unified solution for the automation of all backup and recovery processes in Office 365 applications. We discovered an innovative and simple interface when it comes to setting up and monitoring, which allows us to back up a number of services from our O365 cloud and includes, among other things, data search and transfer capabilities to the cloud, between clouds, or from the cloud to the BDO website as needed.”

He also said Metallic is “an easy-to-learn, easy-to-implement and easy-to-use solution.”

As a further indication of how we’re prioritizing Metallic, we have dedicated some of the industry’s best talent to support our efforts in the region, including the appointment of Shai Nuni as our new Vice President of Metallic for EMEA, with responsibility to lead an expanding dedicated EMEA sales and technical team.

Other companies talk about Data Management as a service, but only Commvault delivers it with choice, without compromising simplicity, security or experience. Metallic is here and available now. It’s not vaporware that will materialize at some point next month or next year.

We have an intensive roadmap that includes availability in additional countries and regions, support for more workloads and use cases, and we’ll be doubling the number of Metallic BaaS offerings in our portfolio in this quarter alone. We’ve delivered on our promises and will continue to aggressively expand our offerings to support new customer workloads and use cases in EMEA and around the world.

As a leading Commvault partner in the UK, COOLSPIRiT are very excited to be a part of the this launch and we look forward to helping our customers very easily protect their data with Metallic

“We have been working very successfully with Commvault for many years now, our strategic relationship has helped many businesses, and we’re excited to see Commvault’s proven Enterprise grade data management solutions being extended, with a fully compliant, simple and scalable SaaS offering in the form of Metallic,” said Damon Robertson, Managing Director, COOLSPIRiT. “We look forward to being able to offer this capability to our UK customers to meet their ever-evolving data management requirements in the ‘new normal’ times we find ourselves, while having the capability to deliver on whatever the future may bring…”


If you would like to learn more about Metallic then contact our expert team today on 01245 454 222 or hello@coolspirit.co.uk

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