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Complete Data Management For Microsoft Office 365

Written on: Nov 19, 2018 11:15:00 AM

Written by: Alex Raben



Everything you need to move, protect, manage and use your Office 365 data.

We all know that Microsoft Office 365 helps companies with advanced productivity tools including Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive. But what about protecting all that critical data you’re working within the cloud? You need a way to ensure business continuity, meet service-level agreements, and preserve data compliance from mishaps like outages, malware attacks, human error, or data corruption. Clouds can and do go down. Without access to the cloud, there is no access to your data. Commvault has the tools and experience you need to supplement and extend Office 365’s capabilities should the worst happen. After all, it’s still your data, and you have the ultimate responsibility to maintain it.

The high availability that cloud services provide requires an equally robust data protection solution to ensure data recoverability for compliance and business sustainment. Commvault provides data preservation, access and compliance solutions to protect and extract additional value from your Office 365 investment. With Commvault, you can move to the cloud quicker, more confidently, and with lower costs. In addition, you’ll have true archiving and eDiscovery capabilities across Office 365 - and all of your on-premises data and applications.

Capability highlights

1 - Office 365 migration: Large enterprises have better control over project timelines and costs

2 - Protect and archive data: Complete protection for all Office 365 applications – in one easy to use, unified platform

3 - End-user self-service for search, backup, and restore: Improves user productivity and reduces the need to call IT for help

4 - Rapid recovery options: Mailboxes, folders, messages, files, sites and documents are recoverable with no impact to your end-users

5 - Integrated deduplication and archiving: Enhances efficiency, reduces backup windows and controls discovery scope

6 - Archiving and journaling for compliance: High-speed, available and scalable solution enables a proactive approach to litigation response

7 - Perform Search and eDiscovery: Leverage robust search and case management tools to perform eDiscovery on your terms

8 - Integrated PST archiving: Reduce risk and cost for legal and compliance demands through automated PST collection and archiving

9 - Flexible deployment options: Customers can choose the deployment option that best meets their business needs

Realise the benefits of Office 365 by migrating faster

You don’t have to wait to enjoy the benefits you’ll get with Office 365 - now you can leverage our cost-effective solution to expedite your journey to the cloud faster and easier than ever. Commvault will help you archive stale, and low-value data on-premises, all the while maintaining direct end-user access through each stage of the data migration process. With a single console for ease of use and unprecedented control, you can manage your migration the way you want, with seamless management of your on-premises and cloud data.

Plus, you can save money on management consulting services by migrating faster. Don’t let the amount of data you’ve produced be a deterrent to migrating – move only the data you need!

Realise the benefits of Office 365 by migrating faster

With one solution, you can simplify your operations and protect and archive all of your data in Office 365 – while meeting all your recovery objectives and service-level agreements. Whether you’re already using Office 365 or thinking about moving to it, Commvault provides the solution you need to avoid vendor lock-in. You’ll be able to store, secure and maintain a preserved copy of your data outside of Office 365 - you can access, move or migrate it anywhere you choose.

In an ever-changing business environment, you can’t afford to ignore the benefits of having a contingency plan for your data. If there is a major data breach or significant data loss, you’ll be able to rely on secure and unfettered access to your backup data on your terms. You can recover data from folders, contacts, and tasks – virtually any mailbox location. And with self-service features that allow your users to directly recover lost or deleted items, you can free up your IT resources to work on more important business initiatives.

Comprehensive compliance solution

Ensuring that you stay compliant in today’s highly-regulated business setting is more challenging than ever – and it won’t be getting any easier. Being able to gather and analyze prospect and customer data is a great way to find new opportunities, but new regulations, such as GDPR, demand that data be kept private and secure.

You can take advantage of our proactive data compliance and legal discovery to save money and time – while helping you to stay compliant. You can find, hold and produce data for litigation from one simple platform. Commvault has streamlined eDiscovery across data silos by making data accessible via a single, comprehensive platform. Your end-users can now use intuitive, self-service search tools that empower legal teams to collect data and execute holds and reviews - without needing IT support – to speed up results and case assessments.

Best of all, the same search query for production data, also searches across archived data to give you complete visibility into your data, no matter where it is. Your compliance officers, legal staff and auditors will benefit from a set of comprehensive case-management tools that include pro-active discovery to ensure data availability – independent of end-user actions. You can also maintain and control the scope of information through data-life-cycle management – getting the most value out of your data by knowing exactly what you do and don’t have.

In addition, you can implement Commvault’s advanced journaling and eDiscovery tools through flexible deployment options: on-premises, IaaS, SaaS. Commvault aaS provides all the necessary, hardware, software, facilities, personnel, processes, reporting, and oversight required to get you up and operational quickly and affordable.


Whether you have Office 365 or an on-premises environment that includes Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive, it is critical that these systems work as designed to maintain your business. Commvault is the best choice for complete data management to move, protect and access large volumes of data – reducing your total cost of ownership.

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