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Data storage made simple, affordable, fast and secure. It’s what Wasabi do best.

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Founded in 2017, Wasabi has brought the heat with its game-changing Hot Cloud Storage.

Disruptively simple, one size fits all cloud storage technology available at a fraction of the price of all competitors, and faster too - Wasabi is free of all egress fees, API call charges, and other sneaky, hidden fees.

Organisations are becoming increasingly data-driven, churning out more data than ever before. Whether or not this data can be kept is hugely dependent on the price of storage. If storage is too costly, the data has to go and along with it goes its potential.

Enter Wasabi’s bottomless cloud - allowing their customers to affordably store a near-infinite amount of data with cutting-edge cloud technology.


"We have healthcare data going back to the 1990s that we’re required to keep. Our backups were taking a full weekend. We needed a solution that would not only help us affordably archive all our old data at a separate location but also ensure that the data is easily accessible any time a doctor or somebody has to pull a file, from whatever year. We found what we needed with Wasabi and Komprise."

Wasabi Customer

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