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Tape Backup

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For many years the industry has been saying “tape is dead” but here we are today, finding that tape has never had such an important and strategic role in the protection of critical data, due to its high capacity, low cost, protection ability against cyber-attacks and regulatory compliance for the GDPR.

A great example is LTO-9, which can store up to 45TB of data on a single piece of media. Consider this - once data is backed-up onto the media it is instantly ‘off-line’ with no route for modern threats to delete the data automatically, and can be safely stored for many years ready to be recalled for search in the scenario of a ‘subject access request’.

By storing archive data on tape, expensive primary storage can be used for what it is meant for – the delivery of ‘now’ data at the performance required. Data that is not accessed regularly can be stored on cost-effective tape media, offline and safe. With recent innovations such as LTFS, tape media storage is more accessible to users than ever.


Tape Libraries

Over the last 20 years we have deployed hundreds of tape libraries into organisations for a belt and braces approach to data management.

Tape libraries contain the capacity for massive amounts of information that are rarely accessed or changed. With the explosion of data estimated to hit the level of multiple zettabytes by 2020, enterprises often turn to tape for long-term archiving. Retrieval of data from a large backup tape library can actually be faster than retrieving data from the cloud and more cost effective.

Popular uses now are to create an air gap against ransomware attacks - we have many examples of this to talk to you about, please get in touch.

Learn more about our Tape Library partners: Quantum, Spectra & IBM


COOLSPIRiT has been delivering Pre-Labelled tape media to enterprise customers for over 20 years. We manage your next tape label sequence, ensuring correct delivery every time. Whatever tape library and drive technology you use, our warehouse is fully stocked with all types of media, ready for NEXT DAY despatch or SAME DAY if required. Our technical labs also offer tape services such are duplication, destruction and degaussing.

We are official media stockists of HPE, Fuji, Sony, Quantum and IBM.

Identify label here: www.ultraread.co.uk

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