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Hybrid Cloud Storage

Our dedicated expert team deliver innovative solutions that solve your data challenges for today, tomorrow and beyond.

Hybrid Storage includes the combination of flash-based solid-state and traditional hard disk drives to drive high performance while being delivered at an affordable cost.

With integration to public cloud services built-in native to many systems, this enables flexible access to your business-critical data 24/7.

With improved storage utilisation, performance, global data insight and access, IT professionals gain industry-leading data availability and management benefits from deploying hybrid storage systems.

Lower Costs

Store your data where appropriate by requirements, blending on-prem and public cloud costs.

Risk Management

Reduce your investment by adopting a secure solution that reduces management and cost overheads.

Increased Security

Our expert team work with you to ensure your Hybrid Cloud data infrastructure is more secure than independent, traditional and Public Cloud methods.

Are you reviewing your storage requirements?

At COOLSPIRiT we can provide a custom quote and bespoke storage solution to suit your organisation's specific requirements. Whether you're working out how updated storage solutions fit into your budget, or you're looking for various solutions and how they compare, our quote generator is the ideal place to start.