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Modernize and automate data protection and deliver instant recoveries at scale and safeguard data from ransomware.

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Radically Simple Data Protection That Does More. Modernise and automate data protection with one solution that covers workloads across on-prem and the cloud. Easily archive to the cloud, scale to meet enterprise demands, and get built-in ransomware recovery.

Rubrik is a single software platform that delivers backup, instant recovery, archival, search, analytics, compliance, and copy data management in one secure fabric across data centres and clouds.

Power on your data instantly (for recovery to test/dev) and unleash hard savings from the Rubrik converged architecture.

Designed to be API first - everything Rubrik does is extensible through the Rubrik Cloud Data Management API - and we mean everything.

Easily deploy new configurations in minutes across all your workloads. Accelerate the delivery and operations of infrastructure with your orchestration tool of choice. 

More than just backup software:

  • Break free from legacy data protection with a single SLA policy engine that replaces thousands of backup jobs and scales for data growth.
  • Securely archive to the cloud and extend protection to new cloud services. One solution unifies the management of hybrid/multi-cloud.
  • Respond to threats and regulatory compliance with ransomware-proof backups, anomaly detection, and data classification.

With over 25 years of experience helping customers protect their business-critical data, our expert team are best placed to help you deploy Rubrik's cutting-edge technology. 

"With COOLSPIRiT’s expertise in data protection and our understanding of the Trust's drive towards alignment with NCSC guidelines, the team assisted with the Trust’s migration onto a fully automated and immutable backup solution, powered by Rubrik."

Rubrik Customer

Director of ICT & Infrastructure,
Chesterfield Royal Hospital

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