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Recorded Future

Empowering countries and organisations with the right intelligence at the right time, to keep our people and infrastructure safe.

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Recorded Future is the world's largest threat intelligence company, providing the most complete coverage across adversaries, infrastructure, and targets.

Using proprietary machine learning and natural language processing, The Recorded Future Intelligence Graph collects, structures and analyses threat data across text, imagery, and technical sources from every part of the internet. Transforming such a vast amount of data into actionable insights with transparent evidence sourcing, your organisation is empowered with real-time situational awareness to make decisions with confidence and speed. 

Powering nine intelligence modules — each tailored to maximise efficiencies across teams, processes, workflows, and existing security investments. With modules focused on specific use cases, you have access to the right intelligence at the right time, so you can reduce the risks that are most relevant to your organisation.

Its platform is purpose-built with analyst workflows in mind, integrating seamlessly with your existing workflows and third-party tools, including every major SIEM and SOAR provider. Delivered from a single solution for all of your intelligence requirements, enjoy the most comprehensive coverage whilst drastically reducing the resource and time drain that would otherwise be spent managing several disparate solutions. 

"When we saw Recorded Future in action, we knew it would provide the single source of extensive, accurate intelligence we need to mitigate risk, make informed decisions, and streamline our security workflows. Recorded Future provided intelligence far beyond what we were able to dig up on our own, especially as a team managing many priorities."

Recorded Future Customer

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