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Yesterday, data was simply stored and managed. Today, data is an essential differentiator. Quantum believe it's time to shift the focus from accumulating data to making it work much harder. It’s a new data reality that’s endlessly alive. It’s massively growing, widely distributed, unstructured, and it’s gaining value at every turn. 

All your unstructured data not only needs to be fully protected, but it is also full of possibility.

As a Quantum partner with over 18 years' experience, our expert to are here to help you embrace data - transforming it into the information you need to drive your business forward. With solutions from Quantum, you can enrich, orchestrate, protect, and archive your media and unstructured data, securely and at scale - now and for decades to come...

With Quantum, COOLSPIRiT help in the areas of four key use cases:
Video Surveillance

Typical Industries: Airports, Hotels and Casinos, Universities, Stadiums, Transportation, Government

Quantum Products: Unified Surveillance Platform, VS-HCI Series, NVRs and Smart NVRs

Typical Integration: Milestone, Genetec, ONSSI, WaitTime, Briefcam, Agent VI

Cyber Resiliency

Typical Industries: All industries

Quantum Products: Myriad, ActiveScale, DXi, Scalar Tape

Typical Integration: Commvault, Veritas, Veeam and many more

Data Archiving

Typical Industries: Life Sciences, Research, Healthcare, Government, Universities

Quantum Products: StorNext File Archives, ActiveScale, Scalar Tape

Typical Integration: Atempo Miria, Aparavi, Komprise, Starfish, DataIntell and many more

AI, Analytics & Data Lake

Typical Industries: Life Sciences, Technology and Industrial, Manufacturing, Automotive, Seismic, research & many more

Quantum Products: Myriad, ActiveScale

Typical Integration: Apache, Hadoop, Spark, Iceberg, Elastic, Splunk

"We were impressed by the 95 per cent deduplication rate that the Quantum DXi® platform was delivering, the cost per terabyte was significantly lower [than a competitors’ product], and, based on our earlier experience with other products, we believed that the Quantum support would be better."
IT Infrastructure Manager
Oxford University Press

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