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Nexsan offers high-density Disk Arrays and high-performance Hybrid Storage Systems.

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Since 1999, Nexsan has been known for delivering the most reliable, cost-effective, and highly efficient storage that is “purpose-built” rather than general purpose. That means product design starts by understanding the specifics of particular workloads in our customers’ environments. And because these workloads vary, we offer a broad line in which each product has clear intent and exceptional value.

Whether customers require all-flash NVMe for high-performance, cost-effective block storage for backup, scalable and highly-flexible NAS, or secure archiving, they trust Nexsan for reliability, cost-effective quality, and a solution purpose-built for the job.

Your data is critical and how you store, access, and protect that data is vital to the success of your organization. Vexata All-Flash NVMe delivers the highest performance and scale at half the cost of competing solutions and if often utilized in high transaction processes such as Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Financial Transactions, Risk and Fraud Analytics and more.

Nexsan E-Series and Beast product lines for highly reliable, dense, storage that is the workhorse of many of the world’s most demanding data centres. 

Our ICT teams were spending a considerable amount of time maintaining backups, the old systems were backing up to tape, which was taking so long that sometimes the backups hadn’t even completed before the next cycle was scheduled to start.

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