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Delivering enterprise data storage solutions, offering All Flash/Hybrid SAN and NAS, Scale-Out NAS, Storage Server, and Hybrid Cloud Solutions.

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Infortrend Technology is a pure-play Enterprise Data Storage solution provider with 25 years of history and a public listed company in Taiwan since 2002.

In order to deliver the highest quality products and services, Infortrend integrated product development, design, manufacturing, technical consulting/support to deliver a comprehensive solution to customers and have successfully deployed more than 600,000 redundant rack-mounted systems worldwide.


Infortrend wide-ranging product lines include storage solutions from SAN, NAS to Unified for customers from SMBs to large enterprises:

  • Scale-Out Shared Storage: EonStor CS family
  • Shared Media Storage: EonStor CS/EonStor GS and GSe families
  • All Flash Storage: EonStor GSa family
  • Hybrid Cloud Storage Appliance: EonStor GSc family
  • AI-Storage: EonStor GSi family
  • Unified Storage (SAN + NAS): EonStor GS family
  • Nearline Unified Storage: EonStor GSe family
  • Commercial NAS for SMB: EonStor GSe Pro family
  • SAN Storage: EonStor DS family
  • Highly Integrated Storage Server: EonServ family

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