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Protect your most important data and applications from modern threats with the leader in Zero Trust segmentation.

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Cybersecurity for modern threats: Safeguard your enterprise, stop digital attacks in their tracks, and build your digital organization with confidence.

With modern compute estates spanning across multiple data centres and public clouds detection and perimeter defences are no longer enough. You will be breached. Once in, attackers and malware can move where they please. Illumio stops that.

Purpose-built for Zero Trust security, Illumio's Microsegmentation capabilities enable organisations to restrict attacker lateral movement and reduce your attack surface by creating micro-perimeters around key assets.

With this level of granular control, you can control sensitive communications at the application and workload level, while allowing you to identify and easily block pathways of attack into your digital operations.

With Illumio, you can:

  • Proactively and reactively contain ransomware
  • Identify and close risky pathways and ports
  • Strengthen your incident containment capabilities
  • Isolate and protect high-value applications and databases

Take rapid action to reduce your exposure to attacks. Isolate critical assets to protect your business against ransomware and cyberattacks.

“We decided to go with Illumio as our provider of choice after a successful proof of concept with COOLSPIRiT and haven’t regretted the decision since. The software seamlessly integrated into our architecture with no downtime, and the support has been probably the best I’ve ever experienced from a supplier in about 25 years of working in IT. The team has been fantastic in explaining how the technology works and how we can optimise it for our specific environment, helping us build the right rulesets to meet our objectives.”

NHS Ambulance Trust

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