Given the growing diversity and complexity of enterprises’ data needs, the next generation of data centres is likely to leverage a mix of storage technologies including hybrid and flash as well as Storage as a Service (StaaS). This allows you to store your data more intelligently; delivering better efficiency and performance whilst also reducing management costs.


Whether traditional, cap-ex, on-premise storage, converged, op-ex in the cloud or virtualised desktop infrastructure (VDI), we have a number of infrastructure options, designed to meet the needs of your business in a flexible and responsive way, whilst simplifying operations, reducing footprint and driving down overheads.


A robust, reliable and scalable network designed to suit your business environment, from remote locations and branch offices to enterprise data centres. Our team can devise a wired and/or wireless solution, taking advantage of specialist vendors and new technology in order to ensure you get the most out of your network, from core to edge.


Data Management has evolved from mere backup to encompass the whole process of managing business information throughout its life cycle. This includes the ability to access, analyse, retrieve, encrypt, secure and search the data as required; saving money and ensuring compliance. With the exponential growth of company data, intelligent management also enables the business to move dark data from expensive primary to commodity storage, whether it be on-premise, off-premise or hybrid.


It is important that your business’s data is kept online and available 24/7. As a result, it's best to design a proactive plan or at least have the ability to be reactive in case of emergency. From application availability to full site recovery, pre-defined SLAs ensure that a business’s Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) are met, minimising any disruption and reducing the cost associated with any downtime.


Better address the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce by managing data that very often can be created and stored on local devices outside IT’s traditional domain. The modern workforce, no longer wishing to be bound to the physical office environment, needs the ability to access applications and data from any device, anytime and anywhere. Allow secure file sharing and collaboration and protect against the risk of data loss with endpoint backup and recovery.


Replace outdated server, storage and networking with ready prepared architecture chosen from a selection of pre-defined solutions, easing the initial deployment as well as all future expansion. By standardising technology and processes, utilisation and efficiency is improved, whilst management overhead, hardware requirement and support costs are reduced and brought in line with each other. COOLSTACK can be converged or hyper converged depending on application and life cycles


Tape libraries remain a highly reliable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to store your third copy, archive or compliance-related data. Working with your tape library, COOLARCHiVE can create your own private cloud or you can take advantage of COOLSPIRiT cloud, with three replicated UK data centres, one copy stored in ESCROW for your safety and a 25 year retention guarantee.


COOLSPIRiT Backup as a Service is the ideal solution for businesses considering off-site protection. You data is protected and preserved according to the individual needs of your business; taking into account your RPO / RTO, compliance requirements and any unique circumstances. The data is stored in a UK data centre with all the security required for maintaining your critical asset.