Unleash the potential of your data with NetApp

COOLSPIRiT has unrivalled storage and data management skills, with NetApp experience since 2007 and a proven track-record with highly satisfied customers. We can offer advanced services including intelligent design, deployment and support and our certified specialist engineers deliver experience in a variety of industries. 

In partnership with NetApp, COOLSPIRiT helps businesses envision, deploy and evolve their IT environments. We are passionate about customer success and united in our goal to ensure that our customers achieve the outcomes that matter most to them, whether this is focused around reducing costs, improving performance or making storage more flexible and adaptable.

“We don’t have the time to go out and research all of the different solutions ourselves from all of the different vendors. We’ve always been impressed with the people that COOLSPIRiT have put in front of us to talk to us about whichever solution it happens to be; storage, network or software. The NetApp solution they implemented is faster and gives us a lot more functionality, the storage ties in with the back-up software a lot better... and it’s just a far superior solution.” Milton Keynes Hospital

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